We offer U.K. Education in Hong Kong

IGCSE & GCE   Advanced Level

Since its founding in 1992 California School has offered International Qualifications for our students.

We believe:

Q     Non-Chinese Students need non-Chinese Qualification.

Q     Our UK-issued qualifications carry more value than the Hong

         Kong-issued qualifications because ours are genuinely British.


Classes / Courses


Classes / Courses


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Information for New Students

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Registration procedure

You should submit your application form together with the following documents and photocopies:

Please Note: Registration fee is non-refundable. To enhance education utility class size is kept to a minimum. Thus register earlier to avoid disappoint. California School does not take semi-annual fees. Californians can pay their School fees every month. New students are required to pay $1290 deposit that will be used to offset part of their last fee installment.